Sea Hagzzz

Wild, Mild, and Weird

The Sea Hagzzz formed on a fateful night in 2023 in the deep blue depths of the Femme Rock rehearsal room. Reverb, cymbals, and bass lines collided behind powerhouse vocals to create a bombshell blend of classic surf sounds, pop playfulness, and garage rock grit.

This five-piece Austin-based band/coven charms eyes and ears with all the camp of a ’60s beach horror movie as they transform familiar tunes into surfy concoctions, creating a sonic experience that’s as refreshing as a sea breeze and as thrilling as a midnight séance.

Sea Hagzzz are vocalist Vicki Lemay, guitarists Lindsey Karasik and Kailie Badyal, bassist Sana Hafeez, and drummer Layla Soileau. 




Book The Sea hagzzz!

Need a wild, mild, and weird band to perform at your event? We’d love to rock your socks off! Email us at seahagzzz.surfband @

Hagzzz SoundZZZ!

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