Meet the Sea Hagzzz

Sea Hagzz are vocalist Vicki Lemay, guitarists Lindsey Karasik and Kailie Badyal, bassist Sana Hafeez, and drummer Layla Soileau.

Vicki Lemay

Lead Vocals

Hag: Banshee (Partial to the caoineag – Scottish Banshee – Unlike the related death portent known as the bean nighe, the caoineag cannot be approached, questioned, or made to grant wishes.)

Instrument + Why: 

Vox, mostly by chance (what have I done…)

Fave Surf Album:

Shannon & The Clams – Onion


I’ve wanted to be a musician since I was a kid – though beyond middle school band (clarinet), I never played with other people. I took piano lessons and got my first guitar in high school. Then I discovered Girl Guitar (then Femme Rock and Jam Room), and save for pandemic lockdown the only session I have missed since was to get married! I’ve spent a lot more time playing guitar than singing, but I enjoy it – it’s a lot of fun having the comparative freedom to be more reactive with the vibe of each song. It’s also weird having to think about what to do with your hands onstage. 

Vicki Lemay, wearing a dress, making a funny face

Lindsey Karasik

Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Hag: Kitsune

Instrument + Why:

Started playing guitar when I was 14, mostly self taught, but have taken lessons along the way. Femme Rock gave me an outlet to start transitioning from acoustic to electric guitar and I’ve enjoyed exploring the possibilities – including my new-found love for Surf Rock.

Music has always been a language I could use to express myself when my words weren’t doing the job. 

Fave Surf Rock Album:

The Trashwomen vs. Deep Space by The Trashwomen

Kailie Badyal

Lead Guitar, Vocals

Hag: Medusa- turning the patriarchy to stone, one man at a time

Instrument + Why:

Inspired by garage rock, surf and psych rock, I started playing electric guitar in 2019. As a self taught bedroom guitarist I didn’t start playing with other musicians until I joined Femme Rock in 2022, first in a 60s garage rock band and later in the surf rock band that would become SeaHagzzz. 

I fell in love with the iconic reverb drenched surf guitar sound from the very first time I heard Misirlou and I’m so happy to have found a wild, mild and wavy group of Hagzzz that love that surfy attitude too! 

Fave Surf Rock Album(s):

Surfin’ With the Astronauts -The Astronauts-  Classic, drippy goodness!

The Bombay Royale- You Me Bullets Love – Retro, kitsch and all the drama!

Sana Hafeez


Hag:  Internal Revenue Siren (IRS)

The Internal Revenue Siren is a sea witch who lives near beautiful islands, lures and eats the greedy, liquidates their assets, and donates the money to public schools.

Instrument + Why:

U-Bass! You may not always clearly hear the bass, but you can feel it.  I get the creative freedom to play bass lines that both contrast and complement the melody.

The two rules of playing bass:

  1. Bring the groove
  2. Give the people what they want

Fave Surf Tunes:

Everything Carol Kaye has played on


I started playing music on an orange $30 violin from eBay at the age of eight, but I reluctantly quit soon after. 

Years after quitting grade school orchestra, I was voluntold into fiddlin in my fiance’s ukulele country-western band, Sweet Tea, where I met amazing musicians who introduced me to Femme Rock. I decided to “borrow” my fiance’s U-Bass and merely dabble in a few different genres.

I now have a kickass band, a home full of instruments, a life full of sweet tunes, and the determination to learn how to do a flip on stage while holding a bass.

Layla Soileau


Hag:  Selkie – mythical being from Scottish and Irish folktales that shapeshifts between seal and human forms. 

Instrument + Why: 

DRUMZZZ!!! I’m a quiet introvert, and playing the drums makes me loud and hard to ignore. Also, the physicality of drumming is a great stress reliever and what initially drew me to learn to play in the summer of 2022.

I’ve always been a fan of ’60s pop/rock and surf culture, so when I had the chance to join a surf rock band, I didn’t hesitate. 

Creating surfy spins of pop tunes and goofy banter with my bandmates is easily the best part of my day.

Fave Surf Album(s):

It’s Alive – La Luz – Smooth “surf noir” and seriously BADASS musicians. 

Mink, Rat or Rabbit – The Detroit Cobras – Garage rock covers of fun, old hits you’ve never heard.

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